Does anyone know anything about Chris DuFresne?

Question by Deenie: Does anyone know anything about Chris DuFresne?
This is Sylvia Brown’s son who is also psychic. What have you heard about him? Have you seen him on tv etc?
I’ve just been reading a little about his life…the book about being Sylvia’s son.
nuff…just like the skeptics..I need more than hearsay to make a decision..that’s why I’m reading the hear both sides.

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Answer by Mikey
He has co-authored books with her (such as Animals on the Other Side and Christmas in Heaven), as well as having written some on his own (such as My Psychic Journey: How to be More Psychic and My Life With Sylvia Browne), all of which are sold on Sylvia Browne’s web site.

He also performs psychic phone readings, advertised on a page on her site. A 20-30 minute phone readingwith Chris DuFresne costs $ 450.

He has appeared in a featured article in People magazine, and has also been profiled on TV in Bay City Limits, Northwest Afternoon, and the Montel Williams show.

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Question by GinniRex: Do you know someone who you feel is a real Psychic?
Also, have you ever been to one? What did they tell you?

I saw on when I was 17, she said I should be a writer or some shit and never mentioned what I expected

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Answer by crusaderz4life
No such thing as a real Psychic..just a myth.

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